Peter J Merigan

Book 3 of The Ailigh Wars Saga

Stone Soul

One vengeful queen . . . And all of Ireland at stake.

For five years, the Ó Mordha tribe has known peace. But the Overking of Ailigh must face a new challenge.

A woman long since forgotten, scorned beyond fury, seeks to be the Ó Mordha king’s downfall.

She will not rest until she has destroyed him.

Can Rónán Ó Mordha prevent the worst disaster from decimating his people

And why are the druids in hiding?

An election is coming. And peace will be crushed. Again.

In Book 3 of the Ailigh Wars Saga, Merrigan draws you into the darkness of ancient Ireland – further than you’ve ever been.

Publication Date: 26 October 2021
Publisher: Nightsgale Books
ISBN: 978-1916383814
Pages: 424pp