Peter J Merigan

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A Kane Rider Novel: 1


Love. Betrayal. Revenge.

When Kane Rider’s partner is murdered, he has no time to grieve. He is quickly thrust into a world of secrets and lies, pursued by criminals for something he knows nothing about.

He thought he had the perfect life, but all that changes the night Ryan Cassidy is stabbed to death. As Ryan’s secrets slowly come to light, Kane must challenge what he thought to be the truth with what he knows could kill him.

With nowhere to hide, and no one to turn to, he has only one choice – survive or die.

From the author of The Camel Trail comes a taut thriller that will keep you page-turning far into the night.

Publication Date: 15 December 2013
Publisher: Nightsgale Books
ISBN: 978-1548165222
Pages: 280pp